How to Change Drive Icons in Windows 10 Computer

Compared to more mature variations of Windows, Windows 10 offers much more functions and customization choices. Although the running process is not intended for customization, it does permit customization to a excellent diploma. With a minor bit of registry modifying, you can absolutely personalize the running process as per your wish.

Also, to make customization snug, a great deal of apps experienced been designed. For case in point, you can use TaskbarX to personalize the taskbar, typical shell to personalize the get started menu, and so forth. Similarly, you can use apps to change push icons in Windows 10.

In contrast to folders and documents, Windows 10 does not permit end users to change the push icons. Sure, we are speaking about the icons that surface on the file explorer. On the other hand, the great point is that we have uncovered a notepad hack to change the push icons.

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How to Alter Push Icons in Windows 10 Pc

In this write-up, we will share a in depth manual on how to change person push icons in Windows 10 computers. Let’s verify out.

Stage 1. First of all, download the icon on the net that you want to use. Make absolutely sure to download the .ico file only.

Stage 2. Now open the push whose icon you want to change and paste the .ico file you want to use as a push icon.

paste the .ico file

Stage 3. Right-click on the blank space and find New > Text Doc.

select New > Text Document

Stage 4. On the text document, enter the script:



Enter the script

Take note: Swap the ‘Drive.ico’ with your icon name. For occasion, ICON=Techviral.ico

Stage 5. Now click on the File > Help save As. Help save the file as ‘autorun.inf’

Save the file as 'autorun.inf'

Stage 6. Now restart your Personal computer to implement the new icon on your push. If you are switching the USB push icon, then disconnect and reconnect the push to the laptop or computer.

Stage 7. You will be ready to see the new push icon immediately after the restart.

new drive icon after the restart

Stage 8. To revert the improvements, open the push and delete the two documents – autorun.inf and the icon file.

Which is it! You are performed. This is how you can change the push icons in Windows 10.

So, this write-up is all about how to change push icons in Windows 10 computers. I hope this write-up aided you! Remember to share it with your close friends also. If you have any uncertainties associated to this, let us know in the remark box under.

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